Munch, Edvard. “Attraction II.” 1895. Original from The Art Institute of Chicago.[1]

Empathy, empathy, empathy. It’s a term lavishly tossed about like salt at a fast-food restaurant. As designers, we have become inured to the threadbare pervasiveness that has stripped it of its essential worth. We take its meaning for granted.

She moved into an apartment a few doors down from you about the time you started your new job as an entry-level UX Designer fresh from the NYC GA (General Assembly) bootcamp. You were friendly acquaintances, occasionally grabbing a cup of coffee and shooting the breeze when your latest girlfriend canceled on you or you were trying to put off going…

In my General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive course, we were assigned our second team project for Unit 4. I was teamed up with three other women — two with marketing experience, one with extensive product development and project management experience in the textile industry. The two with marketing experience were recent college graduates, but with the skill level and work ethic of seasoned professionals. They were all hard workers with a commitment to excellence. …

Team UX!

I have been on the other side of assigned team work several years now, having had to facilitate group work in the college and high school design classes I’ve taught. I have heard many students’ (sophomore to graduate level) complaints about fellow group members. Everyone knows that learning how to collaborate is just as, if not more, important than the actual assignment.

The second project in my UX Design Immersive course required me to switch roles and be a group member — one limb of a 3-legged perfectly balanced stool. Of course, balance is a fluid thing, and learning to…

My first foray into the UX Design process was fraught with a lot of internal questioning and self-doubt. I enrolled in General Assembly’s UXDI course with the intent of transitioning to a career that was related to design, related to technology, and that had, if not abundant, at least a reasonable amount of job opportunities. I wanted to design, not teach, anymore.

I have in recent years professed my love for design, often expressing to my students my passion for it. I would say that it didn’t matter what application it was — graphic design, interiors, product, fashion, you name…

Irene Inouye

UX | UI Designer, Strategic Designer, Educator

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